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Using SkyRadar with the iFly 700, can I see airplanes with Mode C transponders?

SkyRadar, paired with the iFly 700 (or 720), will receive all ADS-B Out transmissions broadcast on frequencies the ADS-B receiver is capable of receiving.  If the ADS-B receiver is UAT only, Mode C traffic won’t be broadcast to the unit unless there’s another aircraft in the area with ADS-B out on the UAT frequency.  The nearby aircraft enables a ground station to send Mode C traffic and any nearby 1090ES traffic.  Also invisible to ADSB in are aircraft with no transponder or ADS-B out, and ground station generated transmissions where there are no ground stations accessible (seems to still be a problem in the mid-west).  Even if there is a ground station, Mode C targets below radar coverage won’t be seen.


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