Subject: ADS-B out GPS confusion (source)

cropdusterdave writes:

“I’ve been looking and looking but just can’t decipher on my own… I need to ask. I’m about to start putting my pannel together. I would like a very simple pannel for VFR sport flying. I’d like to install a GRT sport-sx EFIS. It does everything that I want it to and I’m a minimalist type so I don’t want anything more. The other EFIS I had been considering is a Dynon Skyview. My only real concern is ease of transition into the ADS-B out requirement in 2020ish. I understand that Dynon’s GPS reciever along with the mode S transponder works just fine to provide ADS-B in capability. BUT…is it certified to be legal when the requirement hits? If not, and I’ll have to spend the money on a separate GPS down the road anyway, then I’d just rather get the GRT Sport now and buy the Trig mode S and GPS source required when the time comes. I live in North Dakota. There’s only one Mode C ring even within range of me anyway……”

Response from dynonsupport:

“You will require a certified GPS in 2020. You will also require a fully certified Mode-S transponder or UAT-Out device. The Dynon GPS puck will not meet this requirement.

All of this is only true if you fly in places where a transponder is required (class C and above or above 10K ft). If you don’t fly where you need a transponder, you don’t need ADS-B out either.

In my opinion, if you’re buying a transponder today, it’s a waste not to get a Mode-S that you can just hook a GPS to when the time comes.”

And from jclark:

“I (and a few of my friends) have the GRT Sport EFIS.
You can use the Trig TT31 (standard rack style) or TT22 (even TT21 as I recall) to provide for “ADS-B Out”. You need to provide a WAAS GPS signal to it. That signal can (for now at least) come from a Garmin x96 or from the GPS out of the EFIS.

To RECEIVE weather and traffic on the GRT Sport you will need to connect a NavWorx or FreeFlight or SkyRadar device.

I use the SkyRadar because I can DIRECT CONNECT it to the GRT *and* I can use the WiFi from it to connect to my iPad (running WingX).

The connection from the SkyRadar to the GRT Sport is via USB. We use a powered USB Hub (~$50) so that the memory stick and the SkyRadar can BOTH be connected. Remember the Sport has only one USB port.

With this setup, you will be a player in the ADS-B universe and be able to receive weather and traffic on both your GRT Sport EFIS *and* on your iPad (or Android tablet) if you have one.”

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