For those in the market for a small, portable ADS-B receiver to feed FIS-B data to an iPad, we’re starting to see more options, lower prices, and better functionality.  These are normal market dynamics at work and what was expected.  However, along with more options for the consumer, we’re also seeing a number of partnerships developing between software and hardware suppliers, as well as exclusive arrangements with resellers.  Here’s a line-up of available options and partnership announcements (let me know if I missed anyone important):

3/27/12 ForeFlight teams with Appareo’s Stratus receiver which can now be purchased from Sporty’s for $799 – link.

5/22/12 Radenna’s SkyRadar-L (Single Band (978MHz) Receiver) ADS-B Weather Receiver (which feeds the SkyRadar and WingX Pro7 iPad apps) is now available from for $599 – link.   Other single- and dual-channel SkyRadar receivers are available.

5/23/12 NavWorx teams with Essential Flight Technology (developer of ChartFlier EFB software) to produce the Apple iOS-based version of the PADS® WxBox™ which can be pre-ordered for $795 through August 1st, then the price will be $895 after that.  First devices are expect to ship by August – link.

5/1/12 And then there’s the Clarity family of ADS-B receivers from Sagetech which you can pre-order from Sagetech starting May 31st, with deliveries starting July 24th.  The Clarity devices will work with WingX Pro 7 and the i1000 Flight System on the iPad and start at $757 – link.

OK, and now I have a question.  What’s Garmin up to?  They have the expertise to build a great portable ADS-B receiver, they already have an iPad application, AND they’re a brand that pilots know and trust.  Am I the only one that sees a real opportunity here?

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