From Business Aviation Insider article:

With the deadline for compliance still some years off, many operators may be tempted to wait until closer to 2020 to shell out the money to equip for ADS-B…

“History has already told us that people are going to wait until the last minute – the last second – to comply with mandates,” Nelson noted. “One incentive for early equipage is there will likely be equipment shortages at the deadline…

“It promises to be an interesting eight years ahead, as we move forward towards this rule,” Benich concluded. “It’s important for operators to communicate with avionics manufacturers to determine what they will need to comply with the mandate. It’s equally important for us to hear from pilots about potential ways they could benefit from the use of ADS-B.”

You can read the full article here:

Operators Encouraged to Plan Ahead for Upcoming ADSB – NBAA

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