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My GPS currently uses Zaon for traffic. Does Zaon plan to incorporate ADS-B weather into their units in the future? If so, is there a target timeframe? I am looking for a ADS-B solution and want to move away from XM service.


We will be coming out with two ADS-B solutions this fall. Keep watching!

(My) editorial comment:

Around AirVenture there has been a lot of ADS-B related fanfare and product announcements.  Some suppliers worked the press better than others so were in the spotlight more than others.  This doesn’t mean they’re better products, just that their marketing budget was bigger and they saw an opportunity.  Zaon was one that wasn’t in the press much with their ADS-B plans, along with Sagetech, Dual Electronics, and some others.

Suffice to say, there will be plenty of activity in lower-cost ADS-B alternatives for general aviation pilots in the months ahead, but at the same time, these suppliers are looking to the general aviation community to invest in their products to fuel their R&D and continue to drive their costs down through volume.  But now the pressure is on us, to figure out how to use their products and sort out what’s working and what’s not.  If we’re not buying and trying, then R&D and healthy price competition will fizzle.

So get on board!  And let us know how it goes.

Yahoo blog – ADS-B for General Aviation


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