Looking for hands-on experience with Stratus and ForeFlight?  This article from Sporty’s speaks to the following observations:

Reception is better than advertised

Don’t worry about high, medium and low tower

Radar resolution–XM vs. regional vs. national

Mostly the same weather info as XM

Where to mount it

“We’ve flown Stratus in a wide variety of airplanes: Citabria, Cessna 162/172/182, Piper Warrior, Mooney, Piper Aztec, Pilatus, Citation and Lear 60 to name a few. We haven’t found an airplane yet where Stratus simply won’t work–it just takes some experimentation.”

But be aware of possible overheating

“Treat Stratus like you treat your iPad … don’t leave it in the airplane if you tie down outside.”

Touch screen makes a difference

“Overall, Stratus simply works. After an initial flight or two to find the right location and to get comfortable with it, Stratus stays out of the way and reliably delivers GPS and weather data. There’s no setup or tricks to learn–just turn it on and go flying.”

You can read the full article here or check out the video.

If you’re interested in Stratus, you might be interested in this blog discussion at DC Pilots (Looking for updates on ForeFlight ADS-B)

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