Audit Initiated of FAA’s Information Security Controls of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System

The FAA Modernization Reform Act of 2012 requires OIG to conduct an assessment of how security issues are addressed in ADS-B’s overall design and implementation. Their audit objective is to evaluate how security issues are being addressed in the overall design and implementation of the ADS-B system.

Link to the US DOT Memorandum

What ‘security issues’ you might ask?

UN’s civil aviation body recommends cybersecurity task force – from Network World

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Could the New Air Traffic Control System be Hacked?

Hackers, FAA Disagree Over ADS-B Vulnerability

Air Traffic Control: Insecurity and ADS-B (source)

Hackers + Airplanes: No Good Can Come Of This

I’m glad you asked!  My hope is that they’ll involve the right people in this audit to leave no stone unturned.  Our safety is too important to not address security vulnerabilities that have come to light through independent research.  Enough said, now let’s let the FAA do their job…

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