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I installed the Navworx UAT about a year ago and absolutely love it. Of
course, I went from having no weather and no traffic to a great system that
has both.  I am using the built-in Navworx WAAS GPS…

AOPA Aviation Summit: FreeFlight announces new technologies
FreeFlight Systems will integrate its XPLORER ADSB weather receiver with GRT Avionics Horizon HXr, Horizon HX and Sport SX panel-mounted electronic

BeechTalk – BT – Cumberland Avionics Garmin ADS-B Dinner 10/25/12
A Beechcraft (Raytheon) Owners & Pilots Group providing discussion forums for all Beech aircraft. Includes the Bonanza, Baron, King Air, and Premier lines of

Van’s offers factory-built RV-12

Aurora, Ore., kitplane manufacturer Van’s Aircraft jumped into the factory-built market with the announcement Oct. 11 that it will produce a special light sport RV-12.  Powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS, the RV-12 is equipped standard with Dynon Skyview electronic flight instrument system, Garmin SL-40 com radio, Flightcom stereo intercom, 406 MHz emergency locator transmitter, Flightline interior, and LED lighting. Options—all included in the “Signature Edition”—include wheel pants, automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast

FAA Approves First ADSB Out System For Airport Surface Vehicle
RANGR-G Is Available Now For All Airports Seeking Practical NextGen Ground Ops Solution The first ADSB Out system approved by the FAA for moni|

FAA strengthens NextGen organization, focuses on technology
Avionics Intelligence
“We’re already controlling traffic in the Gulf of Mexico using ADSB, where it’s providing benefits to helicopter operators there,” Huerta notes. “ERAM will allow greater use of ADSB nationwide. In addition, we’re testing ADSB technology in Boston on

FreeFlight Systems Adds Support For GRT – Aero-News Network
FreeFlight Systems announced Thursday that it will integrate its XPLORER ADSB weather receiver with GRT Avionics Horizon HXr, Horizon HX and Sport SX

ADSB Antenna | Garmin
Don’t let a broken antenna or reception interference keep you from receiving traffic and weather data. This dual-link ADSB 1090 and 978 mHz antenna screws

Time to buy ADSB – which one? – Pilots of America Message Board
I’ve been using Foreflight but know that the choices are limited to Stratus but its available now at least. Will the XGPS170 work with FF or is it doomed to remain

ADSb HELP! – VAF Forums
If I no longer live in the LA Basin and do not need ADSB to use the airspace that I use, I will be able to live without the ADSB equipment as long as I stay below

ADSB technology | Aviator
The deployment of Airservices’ Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast ( ADSB) technology continues apace with 29 ground stations now operational.

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