Levil Technology Announces New Handheld: AHRS, GPS, ADSB-in for GA
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“Handling all the ADSB information while simultaneously calculating aircraft dynamics was not an easy task,” explained Ruben Leon, founder of Levil Technology. “The iLevil’s processing power is amazing; we are excited to introduce our most powerful

ADSB vs XM weather – GPS – CT Flier Forum
ADSB vs XM weather – posted in GPS: In the name of safety I would like to put a little personal experience out there. I have a CFI the I regularly fly with. He has

Dynon Avionics Forum – Traffic targets between ADSB and Mode S
I am already getting traffic targets from SV-261 mode-S transponder, if I add an ADSB to the system, which target would be shown on my skyview?

FreeFlight offers ADSB Out transponder for FL180 and above – AOPA
NextGen avionics manufacturer FreeFlight Systems introduced an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADSB) Out Mode S transponder for flights in

ADSB Question – Pilots of America Message Board
Will the new Mode S transponders using ADSB out continue to require a squawk code? I’m assuming they won’t since your aircraft # is unique therefore ATC

ADSB Receivers – FreeFlight Systems Introduces The RANGR FDL
The foundation of a comprehensive, long-term ADSB solution, the system can be expanded with a FreeFlight Systems 978MHz receiver for weather, traffic and…

Dynon Avionics Forum – First flight in Los Angeles with ADSB…WOW!
I pulled the airplane out of the hangar, and immediately started to receive data from the ADSB. I told the tower I wanted to verify my transponder, and I was


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