AVWeb Podcast: ADS-B In & Out Portable Solution.  Glenn Pew interviewing Harry Sanders…

The hardware requirement for ADS-B is still eight years off, but many of the system’s benefits are available now and may be more accessible, more palatable, and more affordable in a portable package. SkyVision Xtreme principal Harry Sanders discusses his company’s latest product.

Portable ADSB out for renters for under $3300 – Pilots of America
Looks like Skyvision Xtreme has packaged up a NavWorx ADS600-B ADSB transceiver to produce a portable box (briefcase really) with not only ADSB In, but

SkyVision Xtreme Vision Releases Fully Portable ADS-B In & Out System
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ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, AUGUST 21, 2012 – SkyVision Xtreme, LLC announced today the release of its SkyVision Portable, a fully transportable ADS-B

ADSB In, Out, And Portable – AVweb
A new product joining the ranks of ADS-B offerings may have particular appeal to individuals and operators that own multiple aircraft as well as renters who own none, because it’s portable. SkyVision Xtreme this week introduced its fully portable ADS-B In and Out system that delivers all ADS-B traffic (in 3-D presentation) and weather “to any display without installation” via Wi-Fi…

Also this from the Examiner

NextGen ADS-B air traffic surveillance and control now portable
The SkyVision Xtreme company announced the release of its SkyVision Portable, a fully transportable ADSB transceiver system, with integrated Appliance,



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