ADS-B box location

Would there be any issues with mounting the ADS-B box near the ADAHRS box? I have a mounting system behind the aft baggage bulkhead in my RV-7A, with two angles running across the fuselage laterally and the ADAHRS mounted on them using brass screws, etc. Can I put the ADS-B box on that same set of angles, or would it be too close to the ADAHRS?

Trig TT31 and Garmin ADSB Interface (Beechtalk login required)

The main reason we removed the Garmin GNS 430W/530W from our list of approved GPS units was based upon the recent Garmin Service Advisory 1215 Rev A, which states that their GNS480/430W/530W and GTN650/750 do not currently meet the requirements for ADS-B in the USA. I am unsure what problem their units have but we are waiting on Garmin to release notification that they have fixed this problem before we can list it as a viable position source.
The FAA have set the standards of ADS-B in the USA quite high because they intend to use it to replace RADAR for surveillance across the USA. This means that the GPS that provides all the positional data to the transponder must meet pretty high specifications. GPS units such as the Freeflight 1201 and NexNav Mini GPS both meet the FAA requirements and the Garmin GNS series (with WAAS )/ GTN series should both have the correct hardware but currently are waiting on a fix from Garmin to make them compliant.

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